Client Testimonies

"This has been such a rich experience.  I have come away with so much more knowledge and skills to implement in my interviews and networking. Perhaps more importantly, I feel more confident in pursuing my career, and have a clear vision about how I want to move forward. Thank you for creating CAREERWORx and facilitating this important growth process."           


Ashley Perrone student at Seton Hall University

"Luda is an exceptionally strong career coach - one who can motivate and guide you in showcasing your strengths.  While going through a rigorous campus recruiting process, Luda helped me compile a clearly defined story of my values – both on paper and in person. When facing a number of different companies, Luda made sure to steer me towards a strong delivery no matter what point of the interviewing cycle. She definitely instilled a greater sense of confidence within me – as she prioritized attention and follow-up since our first session. Her breadth of experience with candidates from all backgrounds and industries provided a rich insight to landing that first job!"  


R. Rozenshteyn Cornell University '13

"Luda helped me to design my resume and tailor it to the specific graduate schools I was applying to.  By specifically focusing on the achievements and personal values that made me unique as a candidate, this snapshot --  accurately reflected me despite the short length requirement.  Most of all, I appreciated the professionalism and aesthetic style of the resume that we built.  As a resume is one of the first impressions an admissions officer has of you, I have no doubt that the resume review by CAREERWORx was a strong contributing factor to my graduate school acceptance."  


Ben Yu Stony Brook University '13